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One column repeating region unexpected turns into two columns if browser resized beyond 2000 picels

Noticed this problem arise whenever the screen is resized past 2000 pixels, which should not happen.

So for example, this is how my window looks prior to 2K (and what is expected as the window resizes).

After resizing past 2K this is what happens (and should not happen).

As can be seen the grid changes suddenly into two columns.

For clarity, I’ve also included a screen shot of the editor to show my settings. Nothing I can tell here suggests that the page will render to two columns.

You’re using the repeating group in responsive mode. If you set a max width, that won’t happen.

Thanks for the reply @emmanuel. Unfortunately, the problem exists even when setting a max width. In this example, I set it for 10K and it still adjusts after 2K. I’ve also tried 3K and 4K, too. 2K seems to be around the width the adjustment occurs.

Right, you probably want to set the width to 100 or 120 (remember it’s %).

Thanks for the reminder. (I’m so sorry to keep this issue going.) But I still see something strange occurring. The following three images are what I see when setting percentages of 100, 200, and 300, respectively:



As you can see it’s not filling up 100% of the space, and still rolling back to the two columns. This was why I thought it was using pixels, but I see the label actually says percentage (crazy me). Am I still missing something?

Can you share a link?

Hey @emmanuel. Sending a private message with a link since it’s a private project. Thanks.

Big thing here! Suddenly the page is no longer creating the 2 columns. I’m not certain if an update or something was just applied but it’s no longer causing the problem. Thanks if you’ve updated anything but this doesn’t seem to be a problem any longer.