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One hidden field because of privacy rules (modified date)

Hi I have a issue sending the user email to miax panel it gives me this error when I debug:

one hidden field because of privacy rules (modified date)

Here is the URL of my app:

Can anywhone help me please, what im trying to do is to send a HTML email, I have tryed doing it by zapier but still cant get the user email maybe im doing something wrong.

Right now it’s a bit hard to help, we need a precise way to see the message in the debugger (just a screenshot isn’t enough).

here is my bubble URL:

What else do you need?

A specific way to get into the situation that you can’t understand. This should be click by click.

Imagine for a second that you don’t know what it’s about, and think about what you’d like to know to help :slight_smile:

Ok here is what I want and I cant:

1- This is an automated test people would make in order to get one of 3 styles people may have for fashion
2- People enter name , makes some chooses, puts email address
3- I want the test, once you have finished to enter the user that made the test into mailchimp, the problem with the mailchimp connector is that it only puts the user in one list, can´t send extra data for groups or segments, so i’m trying a work around via zapier
4- problem with zapier is that bubble for some reason is not sending the email, I’m thinking is because the user is not logged in or signed up, that’s my only guess, or maybe I need to do something extra in the privacy tab.

Thanks @emmanuel

And how do I get to the screen that shows the privacy issue (first screenshot)?

Hi @emmanuel thanks for the response, in order to get to that screen you need to do all the test, first screen is where you put your name till the end (where error occurs), usually i take the test in normal mode and then there is a screen with a slider then I click in the debugger step-by-step so when the next screen that displays that info (first screenshot) is loaded you can see the problem.