One input to save a list of several values

Hi to All,

Is it possible to have one input and to save a list of content ?

For example, let’s speak about a list of numbers :

I would like my user to be able to type : “15; 12; 8; 6” or “15 12 8 6” (or whatever about the separation character) in one input forms, after clicking a button “save” all these values go to a list of Number “MyNumbers”.
Actually I would like to avoid : Input1 add MyNumbers / Input2 add MyNumbers / Input3 add MyNumbers …etc.

Is it possible ?


Use regex. You can split using the separator character this way. But I’m not sure this will return a list of number (I think this will be a list of text).
You can use a plugin that convert to different type but not sure if this work with a list (never use before).

Also, you can just have an input field. User set a first number, press enter. The flow add the number to the list, reset input and focus on the input again. You don’t need to have an input field for each number you need in the list.

Thanks Jici, let’s try an add button so :wink:

Hi Jici,

In the second case : “User set a first number, press enter”, my list can be composed by the same number ? For example, I would like to have this list :

2, 1000, 2, 4, 5, 1000

My list won’t be 2, 1000, 4, 5 ?

Thanks again.