One of my linked fields won't update

I can’t update one of my linked fields. I’ve got two of them in the same table, one works but the other remains blank.
Can anyone suggest a workflow that will do this?
I’ll change the subject of my app to make it simpler…

Imagine I have three datatypes, “Books” “Libraries” & “Borrowings” to record Who is borrowing what Books from what Library.
In the Borrowings table I’ve got a Books field (Type Books) and a Library Field (Type Libraries) then I have Date Out, Time Out, Due Back and Time Back fields.
When someone borrows a book, most of the transaction is recorded perfectly in the Borrowings data type apart for the Library field.
My process is to use a PopUp in which I can select the Library. That works fine.
I then select a book from a drop down that displays that Library’s catalogue. That works fine.
The Date Out and Due Back fields etc are automatically populated. That works fine.
Then I press a “Done” button to record the transaction in the “Borrowings” data type and everything passes across apart from the Library field which remains blank.
On the PopUp I’m using to enter the whole borrowing transaction, the Data Source is Library and the fields for the transaction are in a group with Data Source Borrowings. The Book is picked from a drop down and updates the Book field in the Borrowings data type just fine but Library field int he Borrowings Data Type remains blank for each new transaction and no matter what I do, I can’t seem to get any data to pass into it.
Can anyone get me out of this hole? Much appreciated if you can.

How are you currently trying to set the Library field on the Borrowings date entry?

Currently it’s via a workflow where
Step 1 - Display Data in the Pop Up where Element = The “Borrowings” Popup and Data To Display is “Parent Group’s TblBorrowing’s FieldLibrary” if that makes sense
Step 2 is Create New TblBorrowings where the FieldLibrary is “Parent Groups’s TblBorrowing’s FieldLibrary”

I can’t really visualize that to be honest, but it seems like you’re trying to set a field to a value that doesn’t exist yet (or are you trying to copy an existing TblBorrowing?).

Maybe a screenshot would make it clearer.

What is the TblBorrowing of the parent group in step 1? I don’t understand why you’re referring to another TblBorrowing in order to create a new one.

What is the content type of the Borrowings Popup? Library?

In that case all you need to do is set the Library field on the New TblBorrowing to the Popup’s Library.

Many thanks. I’ve created a link to my app……?debug_mode=true

To convert me “sample” information into what’s actually in it…
Library = TblVenues
Books = TblProducts
Borrowings = TblProductsVenues
So it’s basically Products (TblProducts) that can be sold for various amounts etc through different venues (TblVenues). A user can own several venues.
I’m trying to track what’s being sold at what venue in a table called TblProductVenues.
From the user’s perspective, they go to page “venues” which loads when they click "
To do this, I’m entering data onto a PopUp called PopUp CreateNew Products. That loads when someone clicks the “Cutlery button” which loads a menu that’s available next to the selected Venue on the repeating group on Page MyVenues.
The idea is that a user can add a product to their venue’s menu. I can do most of that with the workflow but it won’t pass the PVVenue into the PVVenue field of the TblProductsVenues.
Sorry this is long and complicated. I hope that in some way it makes sense.
I do appreciate your time.
Kind regards

Right, ok. I’ve had a look at your workflow, and I think I understand what you’re doing…

The reason your not saving the Venue to the Venue field of your TblProductsVenues is just because, currently, you’re not setting that field when you create the new entry.

Here’s your current workflow:

Firstly, you can delete step 1 (it’s not doing anything and doesn’t make any sense as it’s referencing something that doesn’t exist)

Secondly, here’s your ‘Create a New TblProductsVenues’ action:


On your ‘TblProductsVenues’ datatype the field that refers to the Venue is ‘TblPVVenue’

But you’re not setting that field in your workflow.

You need to click ‘Set another field’, add the ‘TblPVVenue’ field, and set the value to be the Venue you want to set (currently you can refer to the CreateNewProducs Popup’s Venue, assuming you’re passing the Venue data into it correctly).

Yet again I’m indebted to you. Where I was going wrong was not getting that PVVenue from the Pop Up but instead trying to get it from a search or a field or a dropdown or anywhere I could fathom but nothing was working. The reason it wasn’t in the workflow to Create a new thing (which you correctly spotted) was because I deleted it after so many attempts to populate it failed and I needed to start again so took it out then forgot to put it back before sharing the link -apologies for that.
I also deleted the 1st step as you said but then discovered I did need it after all to pass the data to the popup.
I’m there now. Thank you. You’re incredibly generous with your time and knowledge and it’s much appreciated. I wish I had a similarly valuable skill to return the favour to you.
Thank you again. Take care

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