One-off bulk email send to users in a database

Hi all,

I would like to be able to send a one-off manually triggered (by me- the app admin) email to users in a database. I have come across a lot of stuff online about recursive API workflows but to me everything reads as scheduled/repeat emails which are triggered based on an event (like the user clicking on a button or based on a date etc.)

Is there a way for me to be able to just manually trigger a one-off bulk email to users in a DB? Without the user needing to click anything and without any conditions being met.

Thanks so much for any help with this!!

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You would need to first figure out what kind of trigger you want. You can absolutely monitor a specific field in your DB and based on those conditions, send out that email. I would recommend using an email service that supports a bulk email send in their API. That way it’s a single API request that initiates all those emails and you don’t need to worry about recursive workflows. They can still be all personalized, etc, it’s just done in a single workflow.

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