One-Off Jobs for Existing Marketplace App

Hi all,

We are looking for a resource to help us with one-off projects and consulting on an as-needed basis.

We have built out an MVP marketplace app that allows vendors and clients to match with each other, message, invoice, sign contracts, etc.

We would like someone experienced in dashboards, especially creating mobile- and desktop-friendly dashboards, and highly familiar with the Bubble Stripe integration, and other Stripe plugins if needed. We have some custom workflows happening (including giving clients “rewards points” for booking through our site).

The bulk of our app is built out and functioning, so we are looking for someone comfortable with working off what we have already built as well as helping us find new ways to improve upon or clean up our existing features. We’re a start-up who needs to move quickly, so someone with quick turnaround times would also be preferred.

Please send along some examples of past work and typical turnaround time/availability for smaller projects.


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Hi Samie,

Sounds exciting! Just sent you a pm