One off payments help please

Hello All,

Not sure if I am doing this wrong but taking one off payments seem to be very complicated in

I first used the Stripe plugin by which was so simple to setup and use.
However when I was testing it, I got an email from Stripe saying that my recent payments (in test mode) do not support Strong Customer Authentication (SCA).

So I then installed Stripe.js and after a lot of googling, found a youtube video that shows you how to set it all up (which is extremely complicated).

The issue with Stripe.js is when I get to

Stripe.js Customer - create >> Convert card into Stripetoken

it is asking me for ‘Address Country code’ and ‘Currency code’. These will be different to every customer as I am expecting a global audience.

So what do I do?!!

I just want to take a simple payment lol!

Thanks in advance!

You can pass it as a dynamic, so just ask your user what country they are from (use a dropdown) then have a lookup table in the database to populate your dropdown.

Country = United Kingdom
Shortcode= GB
Currency= GBP

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