One Search; Multiple Two Repeating Groups

How do I get one search field to work on two RGs?

Both RGs have the same constraints, yet, when I enter a search (e.g. Last Name) nothing happens in either case.

Any suggestions? TIA


Set the constraint for each RG based on custom state(s). Set the search input to change the custom state. Then, each RG having a data source based on the custom state will get updated when the custom state changes. In fact, you can set multiple RGs to different combinations of the same custom states as well. Thus, the user enters search parameters once, and the different RGs show appropriate results.

Thanks…I was literally watching a custom state video when you replied. THANKS.

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Perhaps I’m misunderstanding, but couldn’t you just reference that search field from the Data source property of each RG?

Do search for (datalist1):mergedwith(datalist2)