One set timezone for the entire application

How do you use one timezone for the entire application and display the one set timezone date and time to all users?

My application generates commission payments and bonuses based on meeting a pre-defined monthly criteria. As users can be in different timezones around the world, without being able to set one standard timezone for the entire application so everyone is on the same timezone, when the month ends in one timezone it can still be the current month in another users timezone.

Here’s an example of where I could use this:

If we were running a competition where the person who sold the most for a month receives a reward. Person A in timezone A competition finishes yet person B in timezone B has 8 hours until midnight and has an extra 8 hours to achieve more sales. If they both start at a set timezone time then person B has an extra 8 hours advantage.

How do I set a default timezone app wide? Or how do I use the time of the server as my default time rather than a users timezone?

Just do all your date comparisons in UTC. For a good primer on dates and what they are/how to think about them, see my video “Let’s Talk about Dates”.

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Hi there, we just released two features giving you more control over handling timezones. Learn more here: New features to override timezones