One Time Passcode on User SignUp

Hello, struggling to find a solution and hoping for a little guidance from the community. Thanks in advance!

I am trying to setup a user sign up form that verifies the user email matches a admin defined code before accepting the user sign up.

My app is only for a limited number of pre vetted users and when they sign up to the app they should input this onetime code. The app will then verify the code is assigned to the corresponding email in the database and proceeds to sign the user up.

I have a PassCode DB with the list of pre vetted users name and email, and the admin generated one time passcode.

I have a user sign up form with a button to sign up.

I can’t seem to find a way for when the button is clicked to check the input fields (email and passcode) and verify they match in the PassCode DB, if matching proceeding to sign the user up and then redirect to a new page.

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