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OneCloud Management Framework Lagacy to SaaS

The OneCloud Operation Management Framework has been built to increase agility and to help in decision making, transition onto the cloud and the ongoing operations and optimization of their cloud computing services. One of our services is the review, analysis and plan of enterprise legacy applications to turn them into SaaS applications.

Feel free to contact us if you need a review for your legacy application.

Become a OneCloud Certified Partner and increase your cloud services your profits today!.

Was your website built on Bubble? I’m not sure I see where the connection to the Bubble community is, could you provide some more information about what it is y’all do?

Yes, I just moved my website from Azure to Bubble. We do Process Consulting to businesses looking to move to the cloud or that are in the cloud and having issues line service levels, consumption, etc.

Awesome! Glad to see more things getting built on Bubble and tossed out to the wild. Good luck!

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