OneSignal FREE plugin for FREE and UNLIMITED Push Notifications 📱

Hey, dear community! After reading everything, I haven’t managed yet to make push notifications work for my Bubble app (which is encapsulated through Jasonelle and published on Google Play).

I think the “OneSignal Push Notifications” plugin (the free one) is correctly set up on Bubble’s end (with all the authorizations, IDs, etc.). However, I don’t know how to set up the workflows to send a push notification to a user when a condition in the background is met (e.g. an appointment for that user is close to the date). So, I want to send those push notifications that you receive when the app is not open (to make the user tap on it and re-open the app).

Any step-by-step guide on how to achieve this? Thanks, guys! :smiley:

Hi @pork1977gm is this only for web notifications, I assume?

Totally agree with @eurogar that there needs to be a SIMPLE step-by-step guide published by someone who has had success implementing PUSH in a web view wrapper as this thread is way too overwhelming to parse.

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Don’t know it helps, but Bubble has officially partnered with OneSignal to create a plugin :point_down:


Yep I noticed that and I tried it, it’s a breeze to setup and so much easier than anything else in this thread.

This is just for web notifications though.

iOS/Android push notifications won’t work unless you’re running through something like the Superview wrapper where the OneSignal SDK is a part of it (that can be a pain to get working) but for anyone wanting the web push notifications, then Bubble’s own plugin is certainly the one to use now as @jamesbond linked to.

I can probably write up some guide on how to integrate Superview and OneSignal in another post if I get time as I’ve found myself doing the whole thing a couple of times now.


@jamesbond thanks for the heads up! I tried Bubble’s plugin, but as @pork1977gm says, it works for web notifications only, not for webs wrapped into a mobile app. @pork1977gm if you did that guide, you’d become my super(view)hero! I’m now using Jasonelle to wrap the app, but I wouldn’t mind to start over again with a different wrapper if that makes the push notifications work on mobile apps! :smiley:

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Ok I’ll do it but it’s going to take me some time, it’s fiddly but if you can give us a few days I’ll do it for you and others. Bare in mind I haven’t started my xmas shopping yet!!


@pork1977gm that would be absolutely amazing. :pray:

I wrapped my app in Web View Gold and I think the OneSignal SDK’s are tied in as I know I had to put my OneSignal ID in the app. So I might give the bubble plugin a try then, thanks to @jamesbond for the heads up on that one!

I’ll give it a shot and report back if I can get it working.


Hi folks!

I’m starting to work on A) turning my web app into a mobile app, and B) push notifications for mobile.

Similar to others, I’m digging through the various options and threads out there on both mobile web wrappers and on push notifications, and hoping for some clarity of what the best approach is.

I’ve got the new Bubble/Onesignal integration ( working on web. Now I need to figure out how to get up and running on Android and iOS, including push notifications, starting with Android first.

It sounds like the best will be to use Superview or a similar wrapper - so I’ll wait to see what @pork1977gm puts together as a guide (thanks so much!). This post (Native MOBILE app - like cheap or FREE 📱 with FREE & Unlimited PUSH notifications! 📬) has a detailed walkthrough using SuperView and push notifications, but is not specific to the new Bubble/Onesignal integration and has greater complexity (I think). If anyone has other suggestions please chime in.

Thanks to all the contributors for helping out a novice!


@kenneth.ettinger, @marktuff, @eurogar

I’ve started writing a guide (or at least I hope it will be!)
in order to give everyone a bit of help with getting OneSignal hooked up and working through Bubble/SuperView. I’ll pop it up as a new post when done rather than adding to this one.

Will keep you updated.


Will post it tomorrow.

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You rock, @pork1977gm!!! Thanks a lot for that! Please, let us know over here when the post is live :slight_smile: Thank you!!!


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hello good night, could you explain to me how do i create new segmentations for the users and put each user in its proper segment?

Might be very late to the party but after reading this thread for hours I still can`t find the way to save the player id in my database when the page is loaded. i swa in the tutorial video that in the workflow there is a “run javascript” but i failed to find the code itself. Can anyone help with this please?

This ?

can I send a notification after the condition is true?

of course!

sorry can you help me with this? I was unable to send a notification due to my editor’s condition.