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I really don’t know - I pasted it exactly as above and it worked - this is quite a long way beyond my coding skills

Hey Quick question how did you get your bubble app to be integrated with apple?

I’m trying to follow these Instructions

but on step 2 it says select your app from apples developer site. But Since Bubble isn’t apart of apple, do i have to make the same app on the Apple Developer website and then I can use that key number to integrate the bubble app?

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Sorry, whaaaat?

You need an iOS app that will load the URL of your bubble app (or better said website).
The app you need of iOS is called web view.
Please read the instructions (again).

Okay so I need to download Web view, and then integrate it with my bubble app?

Please take your time, and read this post carefully: Native MOBILE app - like cheap or FREE 📱 with FREE & Unlimited PUSH notifications! 📬

Hey @mvandrei! congrats on the plugin, it is absolutely incredible. I never fully managed to get the codurly onesignal plugin working. This is up and running so fast.

The one issue I’m having is saving a user’s PlayerID. Have tried both the java suggested by you and the one suggested by @dos, with no luck.

  • I’ve used the JavascripttoBubble element successfully elsewhere in the app, so I don’t think the issue is with the implementation there.
  • I’m only trying to create a webID - currently deploying as a webapp, and don’t yet have any native mobile apps.

Any suggestions would be massively appreciated, and thanks for being such a huge resource to the community :heart:

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Yeah, this is absolutely amazing! Push FINALLY!

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hey @merav.leviten, sorry for the late reply.
Thank you, I’m glad you like it.
One of the issues users are facing when developing for web only is that we need to setup bot safari and chrome&opera, not only one of these two options. So please setup both on onesignal and put the IDs inside the plugin, and test again.

Quick Question,

for the push notifications, do they only work if a person has a website browser open and is on your bubble app?

or do they not have to be on a browser and they will still receive notifications?

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I’m having the same problems with having both safari and chrome/opera. Have you figured it out?

So I’ve followed all the steps as described but haven’t been successful in getting the One Signal Player ID into bubble. When I check the workflow in debug mode, it shows that the Javascript function is not returning any value. The value in the workflow thing which is the Current User’s Mobile Id is empty, maybe that is the issue. I checked my users list on One Signal and the device IDs are captured properly in that. Have spent a lot of time figuring this out but have had no luck. This is for both Web and mobile. Can anyone help?

I have the same problem. Notifications work but player ID doesn’t.

@khabazkameel @anil I will try to help you tomorrow.
Been very busy with a lot of things.
This is still a free service so I have to prioritize. Hope you understand.
Thanks in advance if you do.

@mvandrei I can understand and you’ve done a phenomenal job to create this. I cant thank you enough.

Here are screenshots of what I am doing. Have tried to play around to make this work, but in vain.

Here is my Javascript to bubble element.


All of this is done only when the user is logged in so I couldn’t figure out why the one signal ID isn’t getting picked up.

Thanks again.

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it might be the fact that where you run the script and where the user is redirected after successful login is on a different page. Is that the case?

No, I am running the script on the same page. All the actions here are happening only after the user logs in and there are no workflows trying to fetch the onesignal ID before that.

Hey Anil, Did you find a solution to this?
Have been stuck on this since last 1 week and its driving me nuts. I tried everything but nothing works.

Hey, Did you manage to get the individual push notifications working? I tried using this script but its not working for me. I have wrapped my app inside Superview for android.

Any help would be really appreciated.


@services Did you successfully sent mass message? To everyone and it was successful but individual not?

Yes. I can send mass messages successfully. But not individual one’s. Its because I am not able to get playerID in my Database.