Ongoing app updates after PhoneGap

Hey everyone! Loving Bubble so far, but before I go too far, I wanted to know about Cordova/PhoneGap (my intended native mobile wrapper). I’ve read through a bunch of threads on this, and understand that:

  1. I will ask for a .zip file of the app.

  2. Use that to incorporate with PhoneGap/Cordova.

  3. Publish to the app store (I already have an apple license, etc.)

My question is - once the app is live, isn’t it “hard coded”, and won’t respond to changes I make in Bubble from then on? In other words, if I’m downloading a .zip file of the code, wouldn’t that mean that if I want to update my mobile app - without republishing to the app store - I would need to make changes in Bubble, download another zip, and republish a new version?

Or am I missing something? It would be great if there were a way to publish the mobile app, then continue making changes in Bubble that just reflect in the app store, similiar to how GoNative does things.

Thanks, this community is awesome :heart: