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[Ongoing Issue] Problem with Logs -> Capacity charts

Thanks everyone for the input - an unforeseen change from our update to fix logs, is that capacity, which we used to show in relative terms to a baseline of ‘Capacity used per seconds as a percentage of max allowable capacity’ became the absolute sum of all capacity used over a given resolution of time. Because of this, the capacity is off by 120x on the 1h view (because granularity is 120 seconds), off by 720x on the 6h view (because granularity is 720 seconds), etc.

We’ll be pushing a fix for that.
Thank you for your patience,


Thank you for the update!

Thanks for this info! Maybe there should be a message above the chart about this or a popup in the Editor if it’s going to take a little while to fix?

I had a scare looking at my charts today but thought to check here first, however many who aren’t active in the forum might not see this message

Just as a follow-up on this, the fix is now live, so the charts should now be more consistent with what you expect. We are still working on bringing back some features from the old charts that were lost in the transition, but the main functionality should now be restored.

Please feel free to report any further bugs to our Success Team, and thank you for your patience on this!