Online and Distance Learning Functionality (Jitsy)

Hey Forum,

I am looking to hire someone to build an online and distance learning system in my app. It will include the following:

  1. Class Creation, management, and Scheduling. (This will tie into the student’s in-person class attendance if applicable.) (When a class is created, it will schedule a meeting with an ID/URL, or whatever, in Jitsy. An enrolled student will get access to this class in their portal. This system will allow them to click a link to join the course on the class’s day. Bubble will pass to the Jitsy meeting room, their information like name, etc. The instructor will be designated the admin of the meeting room.) (Management means that there will be a course manager page that an admin gets to see all past and future courses.)
  2. Class management includes enrollment into the course and attendance tracking. The attendance will tie to another part of the system.
  3. Email reminders (scheduled backend workflow, maybe push notifications)
  4. Document storage per class. For example, a handout that the students would need to download.
  5. This system will use a privately hosted Jitsy server. (already up and running, but there may be more that needs to happen to the Jitsy server, not sure.)
  6. I want the ability to record meetings, I know this is tough, and Jitsy uses YouTube. Still, there has to be a way to have everything happen in the background, maybe using API calls. Once the video is uploaded to YouTube, perhaps it can get carried over to Vimeo or something else like it. Then the recording will get tied to that day’s class for the students to review later.
  7. Maybe a message system that ties to that day. These would be messages from the instructor. Not sure about this and how it might work, but worth mentioning.

There might be more, but we can discuss this on a call when the time is right. I can do this myself, but I am too overwhelmed and need some help Ahah.

I hope this is enough to work with in terms of finding someone who would be interested. Please help! LOL.

All the best,


Hey anyone who has commented on this and read it. It was a very expensive venture. It cost 3.5 thousand to build and about 7k to operate it using AWS. The video wasn’t very reliable and cut out a lot. I was paying for multiple EC2 2xlarge instances.

Just a waste of money.

Thought I would share.