Online Classroom App - Help

Hi everyone, I’ve been playing around with Bubble for awhile now and I’m developing my first real project.

I have implemented the landing page, teacher application, student application, scheduling application and classroom application.

I finally got the classroom application working but I don’t like the sharescreen feature with the app as I would like the teacher and student camera views still visible. So I decided to look at alternatives. I want to have a function that will be able display the lesson/courseware that the student booked for the lesson (the lesson/courseware is available in HTML and PDF format). I don’t have a problem displaying the courseware but I want it to be live with in the classroom i.e. if the teacher scrolls on the document it will in turn scroll the document on the students view same goes for if the teacher clicks on the document it goes to the next page the students view changes to the next page. The student doesn’t need to have this functionality only the student does. The best way I could describe it is a document control viewer.

All suggestions would be greatly appreciated

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