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Online editing of Word-Excel files?


Don’t know whether this question has already been asked, but is Bubble (or any of it’s plugins) suitable for online editing of documents (Word/Excel)? In the example of a user being online and logged in on a Bubble-built platform, opens and edits a document, then stores it (again on the Bubble server), and that another user can download this?
If so, could you let me know where I can find documentation or the plugin which can perform these actions?


Not that I’m aware, but I’m relatively new to Bubble. Perhaps integration with Google services might be a better option than reinventing the wheel.


I have a similar question. The user uploads an excel file. The file needs to be edited / manipulated like removing of rows and columns, rename of columns then exported to csv to import into bubble db.

Any suggestion? Can Google sheets do this?

I’m also trying Parabola but I’m looking for something less expensive.