Online learning subscription system

Hey All,

This is going to be pretty complicated to explain. I am looking for someone who can build a subscription course learning system. Here are the specs.

  1. Have a landing page where people can sign up. Get charged and begin a subscription.
  2. Once they begin, modules get released at specific intervals. For this example, it’s one module a month.
  3. I want there to also be live training at specific intervals. I mean that they are at level 1 live training for the first four months. From months 5-8, they are at level 2 live training. For months 9-12, they are at level 3 training. There is a very extensive system built already, so a lot of this is done, such as the watch modules part and the live training part.
  4. The system is having issues notifying people about group calls, which would need to be fixed.
  5. There is an affiliate system already built that tracks money for each person referring. This would need to fit into that. Because someone will be referring people to this course, they get a monthly commission for the sale. As the system charges the person each month, the affiliate part will track who is still in and how much the affiliate should be paid for them.

I don’t need a very extensive system, just enough to deal with the above. Meaning it can be basic but needs to fit in with what is already there. As I said, there is a lot built already.

Let me know if we can have a meeting about this and talk about questions you have. I would love to get started quickly.

I have thought about budget and timing, I was hoping this could take a week, and I am prepared to pay $30 per hour.

I know that isn’t what most people are asking for, but that is what I have available for this project right now.

Let me know what you think.


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Hello Ben, I’ve sent you a personal message with my intro and portfolio projects.

Hey Ben. Nice idea - we’re building something similar but different. There might be synergies with what you’re needing here. Will DM you for a quick call to chat through it.

Hi Ben,

These tasks suits my experience, I would like to help you with these tasks.
I just sent you a DM with details.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Hey Ben!
I’m Alex. I run a mentoring program where I help people like you build out everything they can possibly dream in their app. Hiring developers to build it for you always sounds like a dream because you give some requirements and they give you this perfect product. Unfortunately that rarely happens which is why I have dozens of clients coming to me with a solution.

Instead of relying on other people I guide entrepreneurs like yourself to build their own tool with my help every step along the way. Here’s my site:

If this interests you lets set up a 15 minute free strategy call: Calendly - Alex Dow


I can build it, but I don’t have time. I want someone else to build it for me. ahah!

Totally makes sense! Time is super important too so I totally get that :+1: