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Online shopper info

Hi there

Hope you are all doing well,
I have a challenge, I’m creating an online store soon the shopper selects the product, he should singup with his info >enter his Card info > charge the user

My challenge is that I want the shopper soon his comeback to my online store, and select the product to pay, all he has to do is enter his number, and get charged instantly without having to reenter the CC info again
1- How the tokenization for the CC would help here?
2- How would the workflow be?

Thank you

Hi @arumizan,
Depends which payment provider you’re using. If you’re using Stripe, you can not get the user’s payment credentials until you are ready to charge the user.

Is there a reason you’re trying to get the user’s payment credentials first?


Hi Alex , thank you for the replay

I just installed a stripe js plugin ,

my intention is for a faster checkout experience, so whenever the shopper, want to buy a product from my online store, all he will do is enter his number >Entet OTP> triggering the saved CC and charged the amount