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Hello guys, I am building a website for Speakers, and they can attend either you:

• In-person event
• Online event

Each one has different Pricing and Info that reflects when selected. And there are 2 options I figured I could do it:

Option 1
Create 2 pages for each Speaker:

  1. Online event Speaker page
  2. In-person event Speaker page

And when a user selects “Online” button in the home page, the Speaker’s listing will lead them to the " 1. Online event Speaker page" and vice versa if they choose in-person.

Option 2 (I don’t know how to do it)
When you’re on the Speaker’s profile page, where pricing is showing, there will be 2 buttons:

Online: If you clicked it, you will be shown the info related to Online event and the relevant pricing.

In-person: If you clicked it, you will be shown the info related to In-person event and the relevant

My questions are:

  1. Which is better, option 1 or 2? Or maybe there is a better way than both?
  2. If it is option 2, how do I go about doing it?

Thank you in advance for your help.

Option 2!!! 100%.

Use custom states on the page so the user can flip back and forth from the Online view and the In-Person view.


Seems like you’re building something awesome!

I would definitely go for the second option. The first option is not only hassle to manage but it is also time-consuming since you’d be building and managing two pages.

For option 2, you could simply have 2 fields on your product’s data type called online price and in person price

To show and hide the price and details accordingly, you could utilize states.

There are a lot of nuances and possible ways to implement this but here is how I would have a crack at it:

  1. Add the fields that I mentioned
  2. Create a text state on the page named priceType
  3. Create the groups and the necessary details for online price group and in person price group
  • Groups should be hidden by default and only visible if it matches the state
  1. Set the state accordingly when buttons online or in person are clicked

Hope this helps!


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