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Only allow a list of User to Create account and Sign up

I would like to allow only users which add their email registered in the database to be allowed to sign up.
How could I do that ?
I was thinking about “Do a search for” Email is present in the Database “User”
But I cant figure out how to make it work.

Thank you for your help !
Best Regards,

@lise.nicolas - I’m a little confused.

Signing someone up creates them as type User. So you can’t say “Only sign this person up if there is already a User with this email address”…because that means they are already signed up.

Hi Andrew,
Thank you for your reply,
I would Have a Database name Verified User and User can sign up only if there email is in this database.
I want people to be able to sign up and create their own password…
Is it more clear?

Hi Lise,
If I get what you want to do right,
you could create a “RegisteredUsers” data type that as a field called “emails”, which is a list of text.
THen you create only one object of this type, and in the “emails” list, you add all the email addresses you want to authorize.

Then, on signup, you can check if the provided emails is within that list.
The resulting expression would be something like: Do a search for RegisteredUsers:first item’s emails contains Input’s Email.

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Thank you ! It was really helpfull! It’s working :slight_smile:

De rien! May I ask for what purpose do you need to limit signup only to some pre-registered emails ?

Sure, I am creating a Material Database search application that would be accessible for anyone, but I want to allow only our engineers to enter the data, and our architect and designers to access some other info details about customers/providers that should not be accessible to everyone :slight_smile:

@lise.nicolas - Alternatively, you could allow everyone to signup. But create a field on the User type called something like “accessStatus”.

You can then assign different access status to different types of users and use data permission rules and element hide rules to keep certain users from doing things and seeing data you don’t want them to.

The obvious advantage of signing everyone up is that you can collect better data about how your app gets used and offer a more personalised experience to all of them.

Yes I would also do as andrew suggested. On my websites, I use for instance an “admin” yes/no flag that is set to false by default, that I can manually set to true if I want to grant specific access to some user.

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Thank you Andrew & Florent for your advice, I agree that it would be much easier to collect data but we don’t plan to to collect data from it. In fact, we would like to make it easy to anyone who want to access our materials infos. It will be data about recycling materials and we want anyone to access it to help people to recycle as much as possible without the constraint of registering to our website… :slight_smile:

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