Only option sorted by random


I have a RG grouped by Activité. I want to sort by creation date but I only have the option “Random sorting”.

Can you help me ?

Thank you

Creation Date of what?

Your RG is displaying Groupings, not things… groupings don’t have creation dates… so it’s not clear what you’re trying to do here…

For one Activity, I have 3 prices.

In my admin dashboard, I had one line for each price like in my database. So I have group the price with the activity to have everything in one line.

But now I need to sort by creation date to have the new activity at the top.

I still don’t understand…

You can’t sort Groupings by Creation Date (they don’t have a creation date)

Why can’t you just search for Activités?

This is the link : Guide Nature | Bubble Editor

The page is “Admindashboard” in the section “Gestion des activités”. Maybe you can understand what I say.

Yeah, I understand what you’re doing… I just don’t understand why you’re using a Grouping…

Just use Activités as the content type for your RG and do a search for those as the data source.