Only show hideable?

There’s an option at the top of the elements tree to “Only show hideable”, but it seems to do exactly the opposite of what it states. Clicking it filters the tree to show only items currently hidden. Am I misunderstanding something, or is it just mislabeled?

That option is meant to show hidden elements quickly

Thanks for the reply, @neerja. That’s exactly what I thought. It’s just that the terminology is a bit confusing. Why doesn’t it simply say “Show hidden”? Isn’t everything in the list “hideable”?

And just to clarify: This option exposes the elements that are hidden by default / on page load (and has nothing to do with their visibility in the editor). I suppose one could call such items “hideable”, but more correctly, they’d be “dynamically showable” (but that’s not a particularly helpful name either, is it?).

At any rate, it’s an easy way to get to elements that are not visible in the edit view when the editor is first opened on them. Many app pages will, of course, have NO elements visible on page load (as that’s part of handling user permissions properly) and that’s why this option exists. Similarly, popups and alert type elements are easily accessed in that view.