Only Show Item after X hours of creation

Hello, I know there is simple solution here but I can’t figure out. I’m simply trying to filter a RG where it only shows items say 30 minutes or 1 hour after their creation date. How do I do that?

Instead of current date/time change minutes to, try using the current date/time +minutes -30

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You are my hero.

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If you deal with any page-load performance issues with doing that many time calculations, you could always create a “published state” and mark things as “pending” when they’re created, and schedule a backend workflow for +30 minutes later to change the published state to “published”. That way those far less calculations are happening at page load, which should help with performance. :slight_smile:

If you’re only loading a handful of items in your repeating group, I wouldn’t worry too much, but mine can sometimes load 100+ items, so I try to use backend workflows as much as possible to decrease the effort your user’s browser has to put out just to load the page/content.