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Only show item's that contain certain text

Hi, I was abble to get data from my webshop API to show the number of orders that are open. Pretty cool! Now I need to know from these orders how many have shipping method that contains the word EXPRESS.

API - Order’s items:each item’s shippingMethod:count (but then I only want to count the number of orders where shippingMethod contains the text: EXPRESS)

I tried CONTAINS but that always returns NO so I do something wrong because I am sure the text is in there at the moment.

Thanks for your help!

As far as i have understand your problem the solution could be the following:
use the option set here

  1. create a option set “shipping methods”
  2. add various shipping methods in the option set
  3. create a new field “shipping method” in the Order’s database give it the field type “shipping method”(the option set you just created)
  4. and now you can get the count of the order items that have Express shipping method in its data

try this, i think it should work for you.