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Only when based on create user/ return user?

Does anyone know how or if I am able to run a step in a work from if a previous step (create user, return if an account already exists) if the user doesn’t exist?

That would simplify my build by a bit.

Thank you!

Is this possible?

Yes, you can use the “Only when” filters to control when a step triggers, although you may have to duplicate.

  1. Create (if doesn’t exist) - 2. Make Change to 1 (if doesn’t exist) then 3. Update (if exists) 4. Update 3 (if exists)

If it gets very complicated them have a look at custom workflows.

Hey @NigelG,

Im using the create an account for someone else with return if user exists. I want to send an email to the user if they were just now created. I cant find anything that works. I had one only when that I thought made sense, but it doesnt work. The other suggestions on the forum dont work either. Because the time of creation will always be less than current date and time and never greater than.

Im confused why this isnt built in, but also, how to mimic that as a feature.

Step 1 - Create account - return if user exists
Step 2 - Make changes to user, if they exist
Step 3 - Pw Reset email - only if user didnt exist, only generate token.
Step 4 - Send custom email with token in it only if user didnt exist.

All the best,

Btw, I appreciate any help :slight_smile: thank you!