"Only when" evaluation - Help please

Hey all,

I have an onboarding video to show in a popup after a user signs up. If they check the checkbox to “Do not show again”, I update the user in the database so that they won’t see the pop up again. Otherwise, it’ll load every time the page loads.

The problem I have is that even when the DB is updated to be WatchedVideo = “Yes” and I have an Only When condition stating to only show when the Current User’s WatchedVideo = “No”, the pop up still appears.

The only when condition doesn’t seem to be evaluating the database value correctly in the debugger. The Evaluator is showing “is ‘no’: yes” which doesn’t look correct and I don’t know why. I’ve tried all sorts and cannot crack it. Please can someone help? Screenshots below:


DB Entry:

Debugger view:


UPDATE: It was the privacy rules… always privacy rules. The current user didn’t have access to this field (should this not be the default!?) so couldn’t evaluate it. FYI for anyone else.

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