Only when... for API parameters

It would be great if the API connector would allow you to set conditions on parameters. For example include the parameter only if the member is logged. Currently I need to replicate all of the workflow action and duplicate a lot of parameters.

I don’t know what your use case is… but you can set parameters to ‘optional’ then only include them if you need to in the workflows that make the API call…

Thanks, the optional checkbox is helpful but doesn’t cover the request.

Say I have an API call to stripe to create a subscription. I want to set a trial end date parameter but only if the user has not previously had a trial. Currently I need to create two workflow actions, one that includes the trial end date parameter and another that doesn’t even though all of the other parameters for the API call are the same.

If a condition could be set on the parameter I could avoid a lot of duplication.

This is possible but not easy. You don’t always need to provide the full payload in API connector.
Can you share your current settings for the subscription?

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