Open a page and sending info from the previous page

So to explain a little. I have enquiries in my app with a unique job number. I then have tasks for those enquiries. So in the DB tasks have a up_jobno field so that I can reference it the enquiry. This should be pretty simple how do I create a link on the task back to the enquiry page so that it opens the enquiry up
I have tried do a search on jobno in enquiry = up_jobno but it wont go through that way

does anyone have a way doing this?


Below I lay down an example of a setup that aims to present various concepts. Hopefully, one or the combination of some of them may suggest how you can adapt them to what you want to do:

Title (text)
Tasks (list of tasks)

Title (text)
Enquiry (enquiry)

Page1 - Enquiry (set the page’s content to type enquiry)
Page2 - Task (set the page’s content to type task)

Place a button on the task page that upon being clicked uses the action “go to page” where you set it to go to page1 sending the current page task’s enquiry there.

You could also send a url parameter naming it “e” or whatever you like, make it of type enquiry. This will send the task’s enquiry unique id in the url that then you can pick up when the user arrives to the enquiry page via “get url parameter”. This in case you do not want to set the pages content type.

Things can get more intricate but I am going to leave it there.

Hope this makes some sense and that it helps a bit :+1:

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