Open a pop up/panel from a link inside a Reusable element Inside a RG


I have a more menu, on a GroupFocus that is triggered inside a reusable element. The reusable element “More Menu” is inside a RG cell. What I want to to be able to trigger the visibility of a panel on the right hand side of my app which overlays everything. This will be so that the user can edit the details of the item in the RG row.

I have managed to do this by adding data to the URL which picked up, but the page reloads with the right hand panel showing. I want to be able to show/hide the panel from the menu inside the repeat grid.

Can anyone point me to a demo or explain how this is done? Or just point me to the principle that I should be searching. None of the examples I have found so far offer the solution I need.

As always, thanks in advance for any help.

Hello, this plugin will bridge your development.

Here is simple example of how I am using this plugin:


Ha ha! Perfect danielowega, that looks just the ticket! Thank you!

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