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This was really informative, Enjoyed reading this and looking forward to read this kind of articles in the future as well!!

I have no idea about this, I know so little about to get more traffic at jkestore. You guys are so pro, can someone give me some idea?

going along with @gurun’s idea, there should be a clear connection between the basics and the more advanced, and ideas for how to get there.

For example, going through the tutorials taught me different data ‘things’ could be stored as fields in other ‘things’. However, I ran into a situation where I needed to have 3-4 different things together, but always ran into road blocks keeping me from getting it there.

It wasn’t until @romanmg helped me out by updating a test app like above, that I realized the design flow of creating different kinds of data, and getting it to work together. Starting with one thing, then the next can be added. How do you choose that thing to begin with? etc. etc.

So utilizing basic skills in a more advanced kind of way.

Also, I would really like to see different high lvl users contribute to this.

For example, Have a couple of lessons from Nigel, some from Gaby, @AliFarahat, @mishav. I am sure there are more, but I know these guys have been super helpful in getting me to where I am today, and believe they have a some unique things to contribute.

Hey @jameslusk

Your right. There are some great content out there some are paid and others are free that can help you open up to all the different possibilities in Bubble

I have on several occasions had done one on one help via Skype and I would love to extend the same to you too get you started.

So don’t be shy reach out to any of us and I am sure I speak for everyone by saying we would love to help.


thank you kindly sir! I appreciate it. I know everyone that helps out here is busy. I saw this as a way for you guys to possible answer common basic questions more efficiently.

Thank for sharing
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