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Open Editor on the same Page

Heya dear Bubble Users and Team.

I am trying to create a Button on a Bubble Page that sends me directly to the same Page in the Bubble Editor.

Since my English is not the best I´ll elaborate again to make this as clear as possible.

I wish to build a Button. When I click it, I want it to open a Page in a new Tab in the corresponding Editor Page.

For Example:
If I am on the INDEX Page I wish to click a Button that opens the Editor on the Index Page. (Bad example since the Editor always opens on the Index page, but I found this example to be easily understandable.)

I am using the Version Test Site right now even though I have a payed plan. Will this still work the same in the final live version?

I tried to combine “Open a URL in ne Tab” with the “Get Name from Page URL” and “find & replace”.

No success so far…

Best regards!!

Just use the URL of the editor.

Haha, I need this function on hundreds of pages and also when the Page Name changes. I wish to create a Reusable Element that has the dynamic function inside that adapts to the Current URL.

Then just do it dynamically, using the same URL parameters. (you just need the version name, the page name, and the app ID)

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Thank you so much for trying to help. This is extremely important. I just don’t understand fully.

How exactly do I get from:


I found the version name but not the page name.
The App ID stays the same, so I don’t need it to be dynamic.


Can you by any chance take a view minutes to talk to me in a videocall? I guess it would take less of your time than getting back here and answering my amateur questions…

Thank you!!

You can get the page name using Get Data From URL: Path Segment As List (text): Item #1