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Hi Forum! I am trying to figure out how I can send my customers to a checkout trough a “open in new window” plugin, without them getting ask to open a new popup, this because when someone has disabled popups (standaard on iPhone etc) they cant just checkout.

The prefill is in a Iframe, but a stripe checkout cannot be hosted on a Iframe, and therefor it needs a other website checkout.

Any idea for this?

Any idea for this?

Install the plugin toolbox (to run javascript). Just install it.

In your workflow action use “Run Javascript” then a box will appear. There just place this code, replace the url with your desired one.'','_blank')

Ah! Working perfect now. Just wondering, the loading times got significant higher now. It cost now almost 7 seconds to load, this is my workflow. What can I improve to make this workflow be more time effective?

Glad to hear it’s working. If it’s solved please mark the thread as solved for others to help.

I am afraid I can help on this. Please search the forum as there are plenty of threads similar to this.

Now next day, it is suddenly not working anymore. Any idea how this has come?

Yesterday it was working perfectly fine.

this is always same. Window open() Method

What do you mean by this @kazimdgoni?


So just paste and with (url)?

check this link

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Working again with the method on the site you provided. Thanks, again. Hopefully this is a long-term solution.

When I try it now, it isn’t working anymore. It is just doing nothing, unless I turn popups enabled on in my Iphone settings, then I get the option to open the popup. So it is weird when I don’t have that settings turned on (wich Is standard on iPhone), it is loading a second, and then nothing happens… Any idea @kazimdgoni?
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You can check this discussion. on stackoverflow.

And please add ‘_blank’ to see if it works or not.‘’,’_blank’)

Thank you @doug.burden, how can we solve this?

can try'', '_blank')

Hi @doug.burden thank you very much.

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