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Open External Email

Is there an API that allows me to open external email from my app.

  1. Click on e.g. ABC text element
  2. ABC text element opens a safari or gmail pop up
  3. User can email us
  4. Close email pop up

Create a link mailto:[email protected]

The machine your user is clicking that on will open their default mail app


Thanks, Johnny. Sorry, I meant for gmail to open the compose option on launch, with our contact info pre-populated.

Further, to recognize any mail provider and open the compose interface with the same flow.

You can go pretty deep with the option that @Johnny has shared. More explanation on what else you can do here. This will open in the users default (and presumably then preferred?) email app. It’s a nice quick hack.

The Gmail API route would see you implement composition and sending from within your own app. This is possible if it’s a must have.

One gotcha here though is that Google have brought in a set heavy duty legal controls over some scopes within their API suite (Gmail is heavily affected - info here). If your product is B2B you can work around these quite easily, if you are B2C it is prohibitively (by my definition) challenging / expensive for anyone but the most well funded outfits.


Thank you for this. Will try it and check back :slight_smile: