Open Graph Tag Unique to a Page Not Working

I have a master image that shows up in social media when a link to my website is shared. I need to have an image I’ve uploaded show for specific page links when I share them versus the default image. I’ve tried to get this to work by putting in the URL to the image in the "Image (for Facebook) field in the properties form for the page, but that isn’t working.

How can I get a unique image to show on social media for a specific page on my website?

You have to upload the image to your app (maybe add it to an option set) then connect “Image (for Facebook)” field to it

That was the trick.

So adding some comments for anyone needing help on this. Here are the steps:

  1. ) Create an option set.

2.) Add an attribute to the option set and make the type Image.

3.) Double click on your page in the editor in the elements tree to open the element’s form. Go to the Appearance tab.

4.) Scroll down to Image (for Facebook). Click into it and choose “Get an option”

5.) Pick the option set you just created (in the “option set” drop down)

6.) Pick the attribute name you gave to the image in the “Option” drop down.

You’re good to go. This will show on Facebook and LinkedIn. Ideal size is 1200 630 .

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