Open Stripe Checkout in new tab


@Bubble please add to the native Stripe Plugin the option to open the Stripe Checkout window in a new tab.
Would be really nice to have this possibility.

Niklas Weber


That’s not a good idea as you don’t want an extra step between user actually going to the page and displaying the checkout with Stripe.

User is redirected to your site after paying. Both technically and financially it wouldn’t be good.

I know this is old but I want to revive the thread because I have the same feature request and I disagree that it wouldn’t be a good idea. If you want the user to be able to pay for something without disrupting their existing flow, an excellent way to do that would be to open in a new tab, redirect the user to that tab, have them pay, then either close the tab automatically or direct the user to a payment confirmation page that they can close themselves.

For anyone who stumbles upon this and wants a workaround: You can use a “redirect” page to accomplish this. Essentially, open this redirect page in a new tab, and have the page run the stripe payment flow on page load. Then on redirect (after the checkout workflow step), either show a confirmation or close the tab.


Hello, I also think that this is a valuable feature. I don’t want the user to lose the state that they are in on the current page. This is why I am currently using Checkout V3.