🤖 ᴺᴱᵂ ᴾᴸᵁᴳᴵᴺ OpenAI - Assistants with Streaming, Markdown, Function/Tool Calling, Files & Generated Graphics Display Support (inc. GPT 4o support) [Keeps your keys secure]

Hey Bubblers!

OpenAI’s assistant harnesses the power of advanced artificial intelligence to interact with users, providing streamed responses that range from answering complex questions to generating creative content.

Built on a foundation of vast datasets and cutting-edge technology, it can understand and process natural language, enabling a seamless and intuitive dialogue.

The assistant’s versatility allows it to assist with a wide array of tasks, including educational support, programming help, creative writing, and even generating artwork or code.

You can test out our Open AI - Assistants with Streaming Plugin with the live demo.


Enjoy !
Made with :black_heart: by wise:able
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Just to inform you that the demo wasn’t behaving as expected, now it works well :slight_smile:

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Hey guys,

Just added graph/image generation support :slight_smile:


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Hey Bubblers!

Informing you that this plugin has been upgraded to accommodate GPT-4o models.

Heya, please can you describe what’s going on behind the scenes? Is data going through a server you control to enable streaming?

Hey @mattblake

This point is mentioned in the plugin description.

This plugin uses an external service to provide streaming capabilities.

Hey Bubblers!

Informing you that this plugin has been updated with function/tool calling capability has been implemented.


Hi thanks for this amazing plugin!

Although not easy I must say, super complex taking me a while to get my head round it.

Just one thing for now, I have created a series of Assistants in the OpenAI playground, how and where do I add them, do I add them to Assistant list? If so how would that be achieved?

What I have also done for a test run, I copied over the demo into my app, everything ok there, no issues reported, but I get error message “Thread ID cannot be empty”

Any help on these points very much appreciated, thanks for your time.

The demo provides example of existing Assistants loaded in the dropdown. You will use the provided API to list the existing assistants.

This error message is not in this plugin. Please DM me to investigate in more details.

Nice plugin. Were you able to overcome the problem with the plugin timeout of 30 seconds?

Thanks @Jaras_Tileyev .
This plugin isn’t subject to this kind of limitations.

Thanks for getting back to me, much appreciated.

So if I wanted to use one of my own assistants I can simply input the ID?:
Screenshot 2024-06-16 161925

Thanks for your time. I will DM you about the “Thread ID” problem.

Yes, exactly!

Superb! Thanks for your help V!

Will this plugin be capable of voice implementation once it’s finally released?

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Hey @redvivi

Have the plugin up n running works beautifully expect the graphic generation / graphs etc still do not function

Fantastic plugin! Thanks for bringing this to the community!

That’s because your Assistant is misconfigured.

You must enable Code Interpreter on the assistant to generate graphs.

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I have activated code interpreter, still not getting anything like that out of it. Even your demo is having some issues with

If you answer “Yes” to the prompt proposal do you have the graph as required?

I have posted earlier an example of a graph generation displayed as an image. So if OpenAI answers with a picture, it will be displayed. If it answers something else, it is the way OpenAI interprets your prompt.

Unfortunately there isn’t much I can do here on plugin side.

Great plugin! But the document image upload (Vision) has stopped working. Has been working 100% fine, but now there is an empty response from assistant when including a file. Standard text generation still works fine.


That’s on OpenAI side, please contact their support.
See below screencapture of Vision directly from their website which also fails.