OpenAI & Google IO 2024: Thoughts, ideas, opportunities, concerns

With OpenAI presenting their GPT4o demo yesterday and Google IO 2024 happening today with all the new Gemini 1.5 demos (like Project Astra) I wanted to open a new topic and see how everyone in this community feels about these demos.

Did you see something that will enable you to do things you couldn’t before? How about something that will upset the current marketplace paradigms? Maybe you are already using AI as a force multiplier to build and launch faster?

Would love to hear your thoughts below! :point_down:


Hey @fede.bubble

The part that stands out for me is how quickly this technology has improved.

I remember around this time last year I was struggling with GPT3.5 timing out because it took so long to return what I needed (and the quality wasn’t great).

Now, I’m getting an order of magnitude better response in seconds, not minutes. Who knows where it will be in another 12 months.

I’d recommend that people checkout It’s like Bubble but for building sophisticated AI workflows and chains, and it does some awesome stuff.

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Nice! Yeah I’m getting the sense that AI is getting so much more usable for more and more apps

I’m just watching and thinking that everything will be obsolete soon.

People won’t need apps, AI will just produce the result you want

I think it still comes down to UI/UX. Maybe AI can find you a vacation house to rent, but AirBNB’s UI is where you can mark your favorites, send them to friends, and the UI always matches from account to account…not that AI won’t have a hand in finding the results or booking it for you…but the ‘app’ really has always just been a way to re-frame the data in an aesthetically pleasing manner with consistency.


I think this will change, there will still be user interfaces I’m sure but I don’t think they will be set like they are today.

I think you will get streamed a custom interface depending on what your doing and who you are.


Then in 100 years time or less, we will all be plugged into the matrix.




on topic: OpenAI’s GPT 4o is quite interesting, Google’s Astra seems like, is quite behind OpenAI’s tech. Even Apple seems to go the OpenAI route for Siri improvements.

So yeah, let’s see @bubble AI implementation and how it could boost/improve developer’s workflows. And hopefully it’ll not burst in few months.

Yes, open AI is very interesting and useful to use.

AI has been a godsend for me when building and expanding my apps. Though i really don’t see the need to shoehorn AI in everything.

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Maybe AI will be the new “app”, similarly to how smartphone apps captured market from web-based apps?

Classroom management applications. The fact that there is the intermodal, inclusive of video, this means there can be an ability to monitor the attentiveness of students, or the bewilderment of a student. Each student in the classroom can have their own personal AI teaching assistant.

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UIs could go from rectangles to triangles, generatively - not drag/dropped.
Possibly no rectangles sitting on your screen, apps will become more backendish.
Anyway true definition of an app comes not from frontend.
The real no code paradigm is visually able to see and reason about the logic.
The pipeline view of functional programming.
So engineers working on tweaking/twisting the internals of ANNs than drag/dropping.