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[openBase] New Update to the Template - Postmark, Magic Link & Simple Pagination

Hi all,

we just updated the OpenBase Framework Template:

  • Postmark integration! Now you can choose if you would like to send the transactional email from Sendgrid or Postmark.

  • Forgot password? No problem! Let your users log in with the Magic link sent it to their email.

  • Footer links in Advanced Email Template are now dynamic. Footer in the email will only display the links you have defined in the Scheduling Action. Content will be centered no matter the number of links.

  • We build in error handling logic for users who like to click inactive reset password links. It will automatically send them an email with a new reset password link if that happens.

  • New, simpler way of working with pagination. You only need to change the number of rows in one place and we made sure that build-in pagination will adapt correctly.


Our team is currently working on updating the openBase template to the new responsive engine. But as of now, the engine is still in version beta and in need of many bug fixes and updates.

But these are exiting times to say at least! Once Bubble addresses these issues we will release the template to all Bubble users.

ETA early 2022 :slight_smile:

Get the free template here: openBase Starter Framework Template | Bubble


Hi @bartek ,
I can’t find any information on whether the OpenBase Framework now supports/runs on the new responsive engine.

I would like to start using the template, but if support comes out any moment now that feels like a bad time investments.



hi @steven11!

We are almost finished with the overhaul of the openBase Framework. But it will be a couple of weeks before we will make it available. The new version of the template will be of course based on the new responsive engine but moreover, it will also come with updates around the framework itself so I would say it’s worth the wait!

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Thanks for the update. Will keep an eye out :slight_smile:

Hey @bartek any update on the an ETA? I am just deciding which framework system I should go with and I really liked the old openbuild approach!

hi @konrad1

You should go with openBuild :wink:

Checkout the framework here: openBuild Framework Template | Bubble



Thanks for the reply. Looks exciting. So this replaces openBase?
And current development is focused on the Chrome Extension?

There is no way to add this to an existing bubble app, right? I would need to re-create my app with this template as the base, right?