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OpenBuild 2.0 Sneak peeks πŸ‘€

Hello Bubblers,

As we are working (intensively) on the next version of openbuild, after almost 2 years of beta (!), we thought it would be great releasing some sneak peeks with the community :slight_smile:

So here we go with the first one : our unique Design token generator, that will enable Bubblers to :

1/ Auto-generate consistent styles system in figma
2/ Import it automatically in your bubble app as app styles
3/ Get your openbuild components directly restyled in Bubble

Stay tuned for the next ones !

PS : We’ll start soon to invite close-beta testers . Let me know if you’re interested! :raised_hands:


Congratulations for the initiative.

I’m interested in being beta testers.

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Me too please we use figma extensively and it’s a pain bring across styles

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Love it. How can we sign up for the beta

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Interested in the beta as well

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Whoa, interested!

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