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[openBuild] Are you a Bubble Content Maker?

Do you have a sweet set of UI components that you feel like sharing with the world? Perhaps you created widgets that you would like to share with the community? Or maybe you’re looking to promote a template or UI kit that you developed?

If some or all of the above is true, we would love to partner with you! We recently added a collection from @renatoasse which has well over 1K downloads.

openBuild has over 3K registered users and is the perfect tool to distribute this type of content. We develop our own content ranging from UI kit components to widgets (elements which have workflows and/or data types connected) but also offer partner content.

Our partners have a featured and branded collection with a (sample) set of free components that is available for free to any of our 3K+ openBuild users to promote your own offering. If you have nothing to promote but still have a great set of components or widgets, let’s connect to see if we can work something out!