Optimising an app with lots of user interactions

Hi Everyone,

I released an app to let people play quizzes remotely last week (https://remotequiz.app) and have had a couple of hundred people sign up now which is great!

Unfortunately many people complain about the speed of the app when completing a few key actions and I’m a bit stuck on how to optimise it.

For the main user action of submitting an answer to a question, I’ve moved everything to a backend workflow which has improved things.

However, displaying the list of players and their answers in realtime seems to be very slow to update on the page.

Currently a user is attached to a ‘game’ thing and they create an ‘answer’ thing which is attached to the game.

I then show these as ‘users’ in a repeating group and do a search for whether their answer is right.

Aside from buying more capacity does anyone have any ideas on how I could make this work better? Really want to make it as fast as I can for people!

Thanks again, James.

can show us the screen what type of search you do exactly on checkmark?

Maybe faster way would be to also add the answer to the user and do a Current Cell User Answers:filtered (game=current page game) ?

Thanks for the suggestion! I did wonder about using the ‘filter by’ parameter, is that more performant than running searches?

Here’s the search…

In my experience it is much faster, because bubble will search only through user answers let’s say she’s got 50 of them vs doing a search on all the answers which could be in 1000s.

You can also try: Current Page Game Answer’s: filtered (user= current cell user etc. ) but having the answers attached to user will be imo faster, because the current page game will also accumulate a lot of answers after many games.

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Thanks very much for the feedback, I’m going to try it with the filtered option now and see what the speed it like!

let us know!

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