Option at data bound slider to update on move

I have a slider that is data bound to a db object field and a dynamic label that shows the value of that slider

However as I drag the slider I don’t see the value of the label updated (obviously it doesn’t update the db till I release the slider knob). Guess this is done for performance reasons, but I’d like to have an option on the slider to change that behaviour and apply the value as you drag it (or at least if you pause dragging for a tiny bit [aka if you drag quickly to avoid doing it till your next pause or relase of the slider knob]) so that you can see how your slider dragging is affecting the value

a small optimization could be that upon release no update is done in that case (since you do it while dragging anyway [everytime the knob changes position]), to avoid doing it twice upon release (one for last motion and one for the knob release)

can try it at http://cpa.bubbleapps.io at Team Rating page as in the screenshot (have to add some data though first for your Classes, Students and Teams, I should probably add a demo teacher account to the app with dummy data)