Option for a better performance

I’m doing an app in which users relate according to their music preferences.
I already have an options set list with the preferences in the user settings.
What would be better for the performance of the app:

1 - I use filters so that each user see in the timeline just the posts of those users who matches one or more preferences with him/her.

2 - I asked to add in each post to set the type (preference) of music and each user just receive the posts in the timeline which corresponds to his/her preferences.

  1. Any other option you may suggest. I’m a very begginer open to suggestions.

Many thanks.

@kazimdgoni. Many thanks but which one is the good one? Number 1 or 2?

Hi, I don’t know why I can’t see my previous reply here in this thread. You mentioned me though.

However, I think both are important because both are different in terms of scenario.

  1. When users need to see posts matching their taste/preference, filtering is important.
  2. When user post something that is a different scenerio and you will need to have the option for them to tag the preference for that music.

I don’t know if I understood correctly, please correct me if I am wrong.