Option for users to Download additional content

I have 100+ workflows (repetitive) for something that may be used by, say 5% of total users which will also take at least 30% of my App’s size.

So I am thinking to give the users the option to download this additional workflows if they select to do so. Is that something doable through bubble? Me being an absolute nocoder, not sure how complicated that is.

I keep answering my own questions! Anyways for the Absolute No-coder like me…

What I am thinking off is to have a Lite and full version. So Lite is for the 95% of my users and Full for the rest. Happy Bubbling guys!

you could have a popup, a group or even a page that is normally hidden. e.g. if current users power user= yes. or is paying gold status = yes. (a field type yes no you add to user)

re hidden, it can be an automatic redirect or show action on page load if current user is power user=yes.

Thanks @TipLister for the tips! That’s a good idea but in my case I am just trying to reduce the size of overall app and number of work flows getting loaded for every user.
Also, the cost of maintaining this app :wink: