Option for "Visible in Editor by Default"

I’m dying to have some sort of setting on hidden elements to “show in editor by default.”

When I have many visibility conditionals on a page, and I go to that page to work on it, I’m greeted with this a whole bunch of nothing:

… and then I have to go through and find the element I want to see (often the same element most of the time) and show it via the Elements Tree.

Would be SO! INCREDIBLY! HELPFUL! to have a fun little checkbox in any hidden elements’ property editor so you can set it to be visible in the editor by default. I spend so much time searching for and showing elements - this would make the building/editing process so much smoother (and would avoid confusion when handing off a project to a client).

This has been mentioned (and +1’d) many times in the forums, going back years, so hoping this post will push the issue a little… :slight_smile:



I :heart: Bubble.

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This bothers me Every Single Day. Wish there was a way to fix this.

@heythere Agree! I really hope there was a feature for this too. Might be missing out on something but wouldn’t setting the conditionals to be “on” would make a great workaround?

If you have an element that is hidden by default and only show it via conditionals, you can simply turn the condition on and it will let you view it in the editor