Option not offered in a buttom

Hi !
I´m doing a profile page. I added the Edit Profile buttom and did the conditional “When the current user´s name is the current user´s name this element is visible”. Now according to the video in Appearance I should turn off the initial visibility in the edit profile buttom.
Photo of the video

But it is not offered to me…
I´m confused… I will appreciate your help

Layout tab

Uncheck “Visible on page load” and also check “Collapse when hidden”

Most likely the tutorial is the old responsive engine and you’re on the new one

Ok. I unchecked “this element is visible on page load”

But where is “Collapse when hidden”?

Oops that will only be an option if your parent container is set to something other than Fixed

So…the parent group is this group A?
What option should I choose?

Or should I place this buttom and the current page user’s name and photo in another group?

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