Option page for invoice system based on brand

Ok so, I am trying to create an step-by-step invoice system.

  1. You fill in the customers’ field (name, adress etc.)
  2. You pick a brand with products of that brand
  3. Extra option for the chosen brand
  4. You have a nicely designed invoice with all the things you filled in and chosen from dropdown etc. which you can export to PDF.

Say, you pick brand A (in step 2) with the product and the quantity you want (already fixed). Then you proceed to step 3 where I need some extra options based on the brand you have chosen from the dropdown in step 2.

There are all kinds of options related to Brand A, where, if you pick Brand B there are other options showing up.

Now, the question:
For my customer (who wants to specify the options for each brand), I want to create a page (maybe for each brand, maybe not, I don’t know?) where he can customize the options (which I build) . Each option has also a different price.

So, I am stuck now because I don’t know how to manage this in the database as well on the ‘Step 3’-page. What is the best approach here and what should I use on the page to customize the extra options?

I hope this explanation is clear enough.

Can anybody help me with this? :see_no_evil:

Hello. I have set up an example. I hope it is clear. I have used a repeating group to edit all the products for a specific Brand. You can use a popup or create a separate page and send all data of a specific product.

Check the link:

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Whoopwhooop!! I think this is what I meant… Honestly I did a quick look, but I am gonna take a closer look monday…! Your help is much appreciated! :clap: :muscle:

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@grace.hallak Yesss! This is it! Although, I get the first part of your explanation and build it into my application, but do you maybe have an example of the second part you mentioned?:

You can use a popup or create a separate page and send all data of a specific product.

Thanks for the help! :muscle:

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Done! Check the link again. Of course, you can change when and how the popup shows up…

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Well, that’s it! Hooray :raised_hands:

Now, I can continue with my project :star_struck:
Thanks a lot for the answer!

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