Option set saves to Main Branch only

I created an option set to show my menu option and their images were stored in the Option set: Ed: Menu Name, Menu Image.

Now as the File manager was overloaded with files in the Main Branch, ( which is my development branch, ) I deleted all the files of the main branch. But to my surprise, deletion of the data of main branch has affected the live branch in that the images of the option sets have gone missing and my live branch has become imageless at all places where the images were used from the option sets.

My website logo, images used on home page etc all were saved and pulled from option sets rather than pasting them in every page.

I found this very surprising that bubble does not create a copy of the images for the live branch and deleting the files of the main branch deleted all my images of the option sets.

How to bypass this.

Response from Bubble Team

Regarding your inquiry, this is expected behavior at this time, though I fully see how this may be an oversight on our end considering the impact. It’s recommended to not store sensitive information in Option Sets since they can be accessed more easily and publicly then database things. This can include files or images that are stored on them; Option Sets behave differently from the database when it comes to files; in the database, if you upload a file onto a field of a data type, it will automatically save to the file manager. With Option Sets though, you can’t change their attributes in the Live mode, so it’s reliant on whatever changes you make in the development branch.

You may need to re-upload the relevant files to the Option Sets in your development branch, then re-deploy to get them back in live. I am incredibly sorry for this inconvenience, and will be sure to submit internal feedback highlighting this pitfall. If you have any other questions or concerns around this, please let us know how we can assist, as I understand this has had a major impact on your app.

It seems that the option sets behave in a way they shouldn’t have behaved. I hope bubble team takes cognisance and rectifies.